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Product characteristics

PROFEED GROWMIX HERBS improves process of digestion in animals. Product contains many herbal extracts taken for example from celandine, common origanum and globe artichoke. Thanks to this we have achieved effect of synergy in action of all active ingredients of the product. PROFEED GROWMIX HERBS does not destroy natural flora of alimentary tract. It allows to administer product to animals during all their life and any side effects are not observed. PROFEED GROWMIX HERBS improves feed testiness, has positive influence on apetite of animals, stimulates secretion of digestive enzymes of stomach and pancreas, increases secretion of the bile.


all technological groups of swine


PROFEED GROWMIX HERBS is recommended to be used as the permanent component of feed:

  • to improve the functioning of alimentary tract
  • in order to improve achieved parameters of animal growth (FCR, daily weight gains of  animals body)
  • in case of catarrhs of alimentary tract and disorder of digestion
  • to stimulate appetite if decrease of feed consumption is observed
  • during the period of exposure of animals  to infections (after treatment by antibiotics, in the period of vaccination, in the period of piglets’ weaning)


100-200 g/ 1 000 kg of all mash feed


Extracts of:

  • Origanum vulgare 
  • Cynara cardunculus


Oils of:

  • Eugenia caryophyllus

  • Cinnamomum verum