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Complementary feed

Product characteristics

The product consists of acidifiers and electolytes, which lower digestive tract pH level, support metabolism and microflora formation, while inhibiting pathogen bacteria development. This special formula was created exclusively for rabbits and other fur animals, excluding usage of harmful for them ingredients. An additional enrichment of minerals ensures the proper water-electrolyte balance, guarantees healthy body, looks, and overall well-being of a pet.


Fur animals


  •  to reduce the risk of intestinal infections while digestive issues and diarrhea


First 3 days: 5 ml/ 1 liter of drinking water

The following days: 10 ml

We advise to give it in the morning;

5 ml = 1 table spoon



  • Zn 20 mg

  • Mn 19 mg

  • Fe 10 mg

  • Cu 4 mg

  • I 1 mg

  • Co 0,6 mg

  • propionic acid

  • citric acid

  • DL-malic acid

  • acetic acid

  • lactic acid

  • Na 3 900 mg

  • K 2 500 mg